From EFGO Storytellers Adam Selbst & Dani Alpert! https://open.spotify.com/episode/25UvhEX9wPFcI8DsRrj4LL?si=eohCN7fTQROsd0Tz014pRA Listen to Episode #3 A family is like a microcosm of the world. It’s a testing ground; the first place you learn about how to interact with the world at large. Today’s family lessons come from… Image by raw pixel.com Adam Selbst! Adam learned a very big lesson from his mom. How big? As big as a tiger. And… Dani Alpert! Dani learns that being a “Girlfriend Mom,” a quasi-parental figure to her boyfriend’s teenagers, isn’t all fun and games. Sometimes it’s highly embarrassing. Listen learn how to [...]

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From EFGO Founder Barbara Herel  Enter our Meat & Cheese Giveaway! To learn how to enter our Meat & Cheese Giveaway, listen to any of our Season One episodes. It’s completely enjoyable -- and super easy. Listen now and enter… for your chance to win a delicious Meat & Cheese Box!  Episode #1: MOMS ~ Mary Birdsong & Dave Hill share unusual stories about these special women. Episode #2: BODY PARTS ~ Leslie Ruster & Linda Kuriloff have lots to say about their “impressive” experiences. Click on the links above or listen wherever you get your podcasts. At the [...]

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From EFGO Storytellers Leslie Ruster & Linda Kuriloff Click on the link above or listen to wherever you get your podcasts. Image by Rawpixel Listen to family stories by Leslie Ruster... Doesn’t everyone have a story about their perverted (but not in a sexual-predator-type-of-way) father? Well, Leslie sure does and it is fascinating and funny. Here’s Leslie with her story “The Family Jewels.”  And Linda Kuriloff! Who remembers having to go to some after-school program or lesson that there was just no getting out of? Linda delights us with her killer performance of “Show & Tell” from one [...]

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EFGO Podcast Episode #1: Moms!

From EFGO Storytellers Mary Birdsong & Dave Hill! Listen to Episode #1 Click on the link or listen to wherever you get your podcasts. Image by Rawpixel.com Mary Birdsong! Everyone from the 10th grade French class is going to PARIS – everyone except Mary. But how can Mary ask her mom for $1,300 when she doesn’t even know if her mom can afford to keep food in the house? Will Mary make the school trip? Find out in “Paris at 16.” Dave Hill! Growing up in a chaotic household, things are bound to get bungled – like the [...]

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Listen to the EFGO Trailer!

 Listen to our trailer for the EFGO Podcast! It's one minute of pure enjoyment to let you know what you can expect from every episode. image by raw pixel.com Then follow Every Family's Got One on Spotify! Or follow Every Family's Got One wherever you get your podcasts -- we don't want you to miss a single amazing family story (or fun giveaway).  So, here we go, Family! The first EFGO episode is set to drop on Wednesday, November 11th.  Please subscribe to our mailing list for the inside-scoop on our storytellers. PLUS, you'll always be the first to [...]

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SNEAK PEEK into the EFGO Podcast!

By Every Family's Got One Founder -- Barbara Herel Image by Rawpixel  The EFGO Podcast is nearly ready to go. (We can't thank you enough for your patience!)  It’s truly been a joy working with our EFGO storytellers – comedians from Comedy Central, actors from HBO, New York Times writers, book authors, therapists, lawyers, teachers, etc. – exceptional storytellers, each and every one. Now, Tony and I have to sit down in our closet, I mean, recording studio, to add our magic to the mix of fantastic stories.    Cozy! Working Hard & Having Fun [...]

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