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Family's Got One
a story that is
A story about an odd family tradition or off-beat family member. A story that defines your family – or a story you wish that didn’t. Think of your go-to story about growing up in your family that is hilarious. Or tragic. Or surprising. Or awe-inspiring. Yes, THAT family story. We are looking for REAL people of all ages (18-80+) from all walks of life to tell their family story in our staged-reading performance called Every Family’s Got One (a story, that is). Our requirements are simple – Your story must be true. Your story must be a tale only you can tell, specific to your family. And, you can tell it in 5-minutes in front of a live audience. There’s nothing more entertaining and enlightening than telling THAT family story.
  • Your Family
  • Your Fun Memories
  • Your Crazy Times
  • Your Hilarious Family Tales
  • Your Sad Events
  • Your Story & So Much More

Come, join us.

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