Hi Family, it’s been awhile and I’m excited to fill you in on our “Best Storytelling Podcast” status and other EFGO’s goings-on.

First off…

Do you like our spanking-new look? I’m loving it, I must say. Many thanks to Michael Chow Media and the wonderful Michael Chow himself for the painless and speedy updates. Please stay and take a look around, especially the Submissions section.


I was recently informed by Feedspot’s founder that EFGO is a BEST Storytelling Podcast!

Now, it really shouldn’t surprise me, since Tony Mennuto and I always knew we featured the most amazing storytellers in the country, but none the less, we are thrilled.

family stories

I want to thank…

Our talented storytellers for sharing their incredible family stories,

You, our listener, for your exquisite taste in storytelling podcasts,

And Feedspot for the recognition and honor.

We are beyond grateful. Truly.

If you haven’t listened…

to the Every Family’s Got One podcast please do! We are everywhere you get your shows.

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in 2022, we’re back to live shows and podcasts — we are boostered up and more than ready to see shining faces in our audience. We are so looking forward to it. And so very grateful to have you part of our storytelling community. Thank you for sharing this space with us and have a very Happy Thanksgiving, Family!