We are looking for storytellers to tell their amazing family stories on stage in our live show, on our podcast, or in a blog post. 

Stories that are hilarious. Or tragic. Or awe-inspiring. Yes, THAT family story. 

Our requirements are simple – Your story must be true. Your story must be a tale only you can tell, specific to your family. And, you can tell it in 5-10 minutes.  

There’s nothing more entertaining and enlightening than telling THAT family story.


These are the stories that are told over and over again. Like the story about how your grandparents met, or the one about the drunk uncle that shows up to the family reunion. Yes, that family story. We know you have them and we want to hear them.

No. Your story must be true. It must be about you or your family.

No! You are perfect just as you are! Diversity is important to us. We are looking for storytellers of all ages (18+), genders, races, creeds, and religious affiliations.

No, not for your audition, not for the performance. You will always have it in front of you.

About 5 minutes. They can be shorter. So, do read your piece aloud and time yourself.

You’ve got the family you grew up in, your immediate family, extended family, work family, and friends who are family. You have family who you’re close to and family who you’re not. You could have birth family and an adoptive family, and a foster family, too. You could be trying to have a family. Or decided not to have a family. Family, in some form, is all around us. It’s however you define “family.”

Feeling a Little Stuck?

Well, this list of family-inspired topics should help you start writing:

  • Relatives
  • Parenting moments
  • Family Secrets
  • Family Traditions
  • Family Fights
  • Infertility
  • Adoption
  • The Holidays
  • Family Events
  • Your Best Friend (and other non-related family members)
  • Religion
  • The PTA
  • Your Parents
  • Your Siblings
  • Growing Up
  • Lessons Learned
  • Disciplining Your Kids
  • Breastfeeding\Bottle feeding


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