Bathroom of Horrors

By Every Family's Got One Guest Writer -- Lori Holden It was a dark and stormy night. Actually, it was a frigid January night, and all the homes in our old neighborhood were shut tight. As tight as the skin on Mickey Rourke’s face. I was in the bathroom... bathing the kids, then ages 4 and 2. My husband, Roger, was out of town and not due until the following night. His absences were particularly hard during those early years, and I would celebrate his return with a quick peck on the cheek (well, not consistently) as I headed [...]

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Elvis Has Left The Building, A Farewell To My Cat

Every Family's Got One Guest Writer -- Elizabeth Robinson I'm big on marking occasions. Even terrible occasions. I guess that's something Facebook and I have in common. I actually waited to write this about Elvis until I got my Facebook memories for the day so I could see what the final pics posted were and download them. One year ago this morning... I fed the pets and Elvis wouldn't eat. I don't remember if he even tried. I suspect not. I could have waited until evening to see if he rallied but given his chronic wound and how difficult [...]

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More Than a Friend, My Soul Sister

By Every Family's Got One Guest Writer -- Kathy Radigan Four years ago, I spent a very rainy Friday afternoon in a temple sitting with other mourners as I listened to a rabbi say beautiful things about a friend I knew... long before I was a wife, mother, and writer. Michelle was a strong, kind person who had lost her hard-fought battle with cancer. My mind couldn’t help travel back to a time before we met the men we would marry or answered to children calling us mom. It was a time in our lives when anything and everything was [...]

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IVF and God’s Grace

By Every Family's Got One Guest Writer -- Kristen Hewitt I’ll never forget that call from the IVF nurse who had become my friend at the clinic: “Your FSH level is down to 13, if you want to try for a second baby you have to start the injections today.” I was shocked, “But…wait…I mean I don’t have the drugs!” “Come in now and use ours, you can re-stock them later. It’s now or never,” she urged. Talk about pressure! I didn’t have time to think, or talk it over with my husband who was on the fence of [...]

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Passover and Easter, Easter and Passover

By Every Family's Got One Founder -- Barbara Herel During my elementary school days, when there were only Judeo-Christian holidays on the calendar to celebrate, the teacher would inquire about the religious affiliations of the class. “Raise your hand if you celebrate Easter and Christmas,” she directed, and my hand, along with most of my classmates, shot up. “Now, raise your hand if you celebrate Passover and Hanukkah.” Again, my hand shot up, much to the confusion of everyone; my teacher gently admonishing me with “You can’t celebrate both, Barbara.” Oh, but I could. And I did. You see, my [...]

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The Wacky Cancer Christmas

By Every Family's Got One Guest Writer -- Chad Taylor   My mom was dying of cancer. Hilarious way to start a story, I know.   When you’re faced with that ever-present, numbing truth, though, you try to find the funny where you can.  Even when you’re searching for them, the laughs surprise you, bringing on ribcage-rattling guffaws that can finally clear your head, if only for a few minutes. By the time of this story, I was either out of college or nearly so, with my sisters in similar boats, but two or five years behind me, respectively.  [...]

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