Growing Up in Two Worlds

By Every Family's Got One Guest Writer, Jaya Rao-Herel Image by Rawpixel Growing Up in Two Worlds I’ve grown up in two worlds. Falling asleep at kirtans, soft hums of Indian songs drifting in the air, and also listening to my dad’s favorite Eagles song on repeat. I’ve grown up riding in rickshaws in India, and eating rice with my hands-off banana leaves, but also learning where to place utensils to properly set a table on Christmas; forks on the left, knives and spoons on the right. I’ve grown up... taking off my shoes at temples, but [...]

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A Story About the Meaning of Motherhood

By Every Family's Got One Founder -- Barbara Herel  image by Motherhood is like painting. Not “artistic” painting. I’m talking about down-and-dirty house painting. Sure, it looks like fun, just watch any TV-paint commercial. So much laughter and hijinks—and everyone helps you paint! You even wind up with an adorable smudge on your nose. But let’s face it, painting is not fun. It’s exhausting and precarious. It demands all of your attention and there’s a never-ending amount of cleanup. But paint, we must. Because we’re invested in the upkeep and we get to admire the results. [...]

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A Story About the Fine Art of Procrastination

By Every Family's Got One Guest Writer -- Janet Garber photo by rawpixel Alex has consecrated fifteen years to mastering the fine art of procrastination and manipulating it to his purposes.  Yes, I do believe it began in the womb.  Whatever it was he was doing there, he had no intention of stopping, until the doctor pried him forcibly out of his entrenched position with a giant pair of tongs.  Every one of Alex’s appearances... and acts since has required a magician’s trick to coax, cajole, threaten, bribe Sir Alex to perform, conform, reform. Whether he’s to [...]

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A Story About Having the Sex Talk

By Every Family's Got One Founder -- Barbara Herel Photo by Rawpixel Oh, the sex talk... I started talking to my daughter about S-E-X when she was young – one-year-old young. It went like something like this. Every time I saw... a pregnant woman, I would say, “Oh look! That woman has a baby growing in her belly. Isn’t that interesting? Babies grow in a woman’s belly.” I’m a fan of using anatomically correct words. Besides loving... the downright disgusted reactions of the older generation whenever my two-year-old daughter said “vagina,” I wanted to make certain there [...]

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A Story About a Financial Legacy

By Every Family's Got One Founder -- Barbara Herel Long before Suze Orman entered my financial world, there was my dad, Ronnie Herel, and his own method of achieving financial success affectionately known as – the Ronnie Herel Money Management System (RHMMS). Here’s the RHMMS in action: After gleefully ripping open my birthday cards as a kid, holding up a tidy sum of cash, checks, and the occasional savings bond (gee, thanks Grandma) in my hot little hands, Ronnie would always ask me... “Babe, are you going to bank half of that?” “Yes, Daddy,” I would reply in that [...]

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A Story About Knowing Who I Am

By Every Family's Got One Guest Writer -- Chris Schmidt  photo I am from... the painted grout between the bricks, from Walden Mega Magics and Lost Subscorcher 2s. I am from... the smallest, coziest house in the neighborhood. The smell of low tide, I am from the ocean... the sea, big and blue and raging. I am from... Thanksgiving at the Cooke’s house, loud and rowdy, from mom and dad and papa. I am from... Christmas Eve at my house and movie nights at home. From... you can be anything you want and Broncos before Giants, [...]

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