A Story About a Deep Bond with Grandpa

Every Family's Got One 2018 Cast Video -- Lisa Leshaw Photo by ebeth photography Can anything compare to the deep bond between grandparent and grandchild? We don't think so!  Speaking from her heart about the deep bond and otherworldly experience she shared with her Grandpa Ben, Lisa enchanted our Every Family's Got One audience with her heartfelt story.  Here’s a fun fact about Lisa... She should have been named Liza after Liza Minnelli. However, the powers that be mistakenly wrote an S on her birth certificate instead of a Z! But actually these days Lisa's favorite name is Grandma. And [...]

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A Story About Grandpa Ben

By Every Family's Got One Cast Member -- Lisa Leshaw Grandpa Ben and I were bosom buddies. Or as he liked to call us ‘the tightest peas in the pod.’ I was “Squirt” to his “Papa Bear.” There could not have been a better pair of arms to scoop me up at the bottom of the playground slide or bear hug me from behind when we raced around the living room. He laughed like Santa... burped very inappropriately (mostly when my Dad wasn’t listening) and let me eat Smores for breakfast if I gave him a double-raspberry on his cheek. He [...]

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About Grandpa and Building Sandcastles

By Every Family's Got One Guest Writer -- Jen Gregory We took the kids to the beach near Grandpa and Grandma’s condo. We parked the car in their building’s garage and embarked on the familiar one-block walk to the boardwalk that we’d done since Dylan was a baby. Mike dove straight into the ocean for a quick swim. Then, he and the boys got to work... building a massive sandcastle. First, there was moat digging. Then, there was barrier wall construction. Next, there was tower formation. The waves were high and rough, so the barrier wall had to be [...]

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