Growing Up in Two Worlds

By Every Family's Got One Guest Writer, Jaya Rao-Herel Image by Rawpixel Growing Up in Two Worlds I’ve grown up in two worlds. Falling asleep at kirtans, soft hums of Indian songs drifting in the air, and also listening to my dad’s favorite Eagles song on repeat. I’ve grown up riding in rickshaws in India, and eating rice with my hands-off banana leaves, but also learning where to place utensils to properly set a table on Christmas; forks on the left, knives and spoons on the right. I’ve grown up... taking off my shoes at temples, but [...]

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We’re a BEST Storytelling Podcast!

Hi Family, it's been awhile and I'm excited to fill you in on our "Best Storytelling Podcast" status and other EFGO's goings-on. First off... Do you like our spanking-new look? I'm loving it, I must say. Many thanks to Michael Chow Media and the wonderful Michael Chow himself for the painless and speedy updates. Please stay and take a look around, especially the Submissions section. Next... I was recently informed by Feedspot's founder that EFGO is a BEST Storytelling Podcast! Now, it really shouldn’t surprise me, since Tony Mennuto and I always knew we featured the most amazing [...]

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Sign up for an EFGO Storytelling Mentorship

Read all about my EFGO Storytelling Mentorship!  "Barbara, thanks for your kind, generous and thoughtful collaboration. You helped make my story a lot better! I love being part of the EFGO community and you are tremendously appreciated."                                 ~ Emerson Dameron, Los Angeles, copywriter, storyteller What I love most about producing and hosting the Every Family’s Got One Podcast and Live Show is collaborating with talented people and building a supportive storytelling community. I’ve worked with writers and performers of all kinds, as well as non-performers, [...]

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EFGO Storytellers at

By EFGO Founder Barbara Herel Image from raw Hey, we’ve launched a Bookshop store! Now you can find books written by EFGO storytellers that have been featured on our podcast, live shows, and blog.   Talented folks including Dave Hill, Barbara Solomon Josselson, Lisa Leshaw, and Ann Imig. You’ll also find…  Favorite book selections from Tony and me.   Check it out!   Buy a book & support your independent bookstore!  Every purchase you make on Bookshop supports local, independent bookstores everywhere. It’s a win-win. We love promoting our storytellers! Do you have a book coming out?  [...]

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Mistakes Will Be Made and Other Realizations

By Every Family's Got One Founder -- Barbara Herel Image from I’m calling 2019 my year of “Being” – as in “being okay with my insecurities” and “being true to myself in all that I do.” As I look back over the year, there were three realizations that have truly helped me into Being and here they are:  Mistakes Will Be Made...  My mantra sets just the right tone to make me smile and keep me stretching the limits of my comfort zone. I now wholeheartedly accept that mistakes are bound to happen – that carefully [...]

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Tonight’s a Great Night for Storytelling

By Every Family's Got One Founder -- Barbara Herel  Tonight, the 2019 cast of Every Family’s Got One takes the stage at My Father’s Place to tell their family stories. I am so very excited for them and for the audience members who get to witness all the fun and drama firsthand.   I tell you… this little dream I had of bringing together different voices to share their true family narratives – and create a supportive storytelling-writing workshop to boot – is actually happening. I’m certainly not creating all this magical goodness by myself. It takes people like [...]

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