Rest with me awhile, Family. Feels so good.

Family stories

And all this rest makes me feel very dreamlike in this moment, yet all of this really did happen this past year…

We had our May EFGO show…

at Industry Lounge in Huntington, NY. The show was sold out and we had fabulous stories, silliness, and cheese! (I love cheese, really I do.)

You can revisit the fun by watching or listening to this and past performances on our Every Family’s Got One YouTube channel.

Then in October…

we worked side-by-side with the Adoptive and Foster Family Coalition for our second annual Supporting Families Storytelling Event which raised – wait for it – $40,000!

In November…

I partnered up with my wonderful friend, author, and podcast host, Lori Holden for a speaking event with the charitable organization Adoption Knowledge Affiliates.

What I love so much about presenting with Lori is that we bring a deep understanding and respect for the adoption constellation peppered with a humorous touch. I look forward to more speaking opportunities in 2024.

December brought a storm…

that downed trees and crushed cars (yup, it got ours). Then came the Covid (to the Teen and then Tony got a nasty bout of the “Vid”). I seemed to have escaped it thus far (knocking on my wooden head now).

So, as they keep to themselves downstairs, the cats, dog, fish and I keep each other company. And I’m reminded that the midst of the not-so-great, the Teen and Tony will heal, the car will be fixed, and there are no expiration dates on celebrating with family and friends. (There are also no expiration dates on any of our dreams.)

We are like…

our Christmas tree, still standing, all bright and shiny.

Wishing you the same this Holiday Season, Family.


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