The Wacky Cancer Christmas

By Every Family's Got One Guest Writer -- Chad Taylor   My mom was dying of cancer. Hilarious way to start a story, I know.   When you’re faced with that ever-present, numbing truth, though, you try to find the funny where you can.  Even when you’re searching for them, the laughs surprise you, bringing on ribcage-rattling guffaws that can finally clear your head, if only for a few minutes. By the time of this story, I was either out of college or nearly so, with my sisters in similar boats, but two or five years behind me, respectively.  [...]

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A Lapsed Catholic

By Every Family's Got One Founder -- Barbara Herel I was 13. Waiting anxiously in a long line of Catholic parishioners. Thinking that with each echo-y footstep, I was getting closer and closer to the ornate confessional box. Finally, it was my turn to part the heavy crimson curtain and go inside. In the darkness of the confessional, I knelt down on the padded kneeler and faced the wooden window. It quickly slid open with a small thud, revealing a grated metal screen... And the Catholic priest. I’ve seen this whitehaired priest before, but I don’t know his name. Going to confession [...]

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