Oct 16th Tickets Now On Sale!

By Every Family's Got One Founder -- Barbara Herel   Consider yourself invited to the 2019 Every Family’s Got One show! Join us for an evening of 8 true stories about family – with notable storytellers from HuffPost, Scary Mommy,and The Moth. You’re going to love...  the 2019 cast as much as Tony and I do. Their stories are amazing and amazingly diverse with topics ranging from self-discovery, to mental illness, to life lessons learned from living an extreme family lifestyle. You’ll laugh, be enthralled as well as inspired. You’ll also be... well fed because My Father’s Place, located in the [...]

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A Story About Having the Sex Talk

By Every Family's Got One Founder -- Barbara Herel Photo by Rawpixel Oh, the sex talk... I started talking to my daughter about S-E-X when she was young – one-year-old young. It went like something like this. Every time I saw... a pregnant woman, I would say, “Oh look! That woman has a baby growing in her belly. Isn’t that interesting? Babies grow in a woman’s belly.” I’m a fan of using anatomically correct words. Besides loving... the downright disgusted reactions of the older generation whenever my two-year-old daughter said “vagina,” I wanted to make certain there [...]

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Still Time to Submit — Write Your Story Today!

By Every Family's Got One Founder -- Barbara Herel photo by Rawpixel  The Call for Stories is happening now for the 2019 live storytelling performance of Every Family’s Got One (a story, that is) -- so start writing your family story today.   Some things to keep in mind:  Your story should capture a specific family memory or moment. It can be funny, tragic, heartwarming, bittersweet…  This is a story about your family that only you can tell.   Bring your story to life. Just because it's a memory make it engaging, like it's happening now.  A good [...]

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Call for Stories! Submit Yours Today!

By Every Family's Got One Founder -- Barbara Herel Every Family’s Got One is looking for amazing stories that only you can tell about your family. Stories that are hilarious. Or tragic. Or awe-inspiring. Yes, THAT family story. Interested in telling yours live on stage? Here's what you need to know...  THE SHOW: Is on October 16th at 7:30 PM at My Father’s Place in Roslyn, NY, a cool, intimate venue perfect for storytelling.  HOW TO SUBMIT: Send your written story or pitch your idea to: Barbara at everyfamilysgotone@gmail.com Put “STORY” in the subject line Include your name and phone number [...]

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A Story about Love and Lies at a Jewish Dance

By Every Family's Got One Founder -- Barbara Herel My grandma Yetta and grandpa Frank met at that highly respectable place where many a young Jewish girl met a nice Jewish boy back in the day – at a dance at the Jewish Community center. Only problem was, Frank wasn’t Jewish. This piece of pertinent information came to light only after Yetta and Frank had become smitten with each other. Furthermore, this scandalous news was divulged to the last person on earth a young woman would want this knowledge revealed to – her father. Yetta’s father... Joseph, a “Butter and Egg” [...]

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A Story About Falling Out of a Car

By Every Family's Got One Founder -- Barbara Herel I remember falling out of a car.   It is a slow-moving car on a busy thoroughfare. Somehow the passenger door opens and I can feel myself falling out of the car, head first, in slow-motion. For most of my life, I’ve had this reoccurring dream. Now, I don’t remember... ever falling out of a car as a child. There is no family lore. No charmingly hilarious story about the time Barbara fell out of a car and landed on top of her head on, say, Stuart Avenue. But I’ve had this car [...]

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