From Every Family’s Got One Founder — Barbara Herel

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Hello, my dear Family, I’m checking in with you. Are you healthy? Staying safe? I hope so. We are too.

Although you can throw feeling “wacky,” “drained” and “profoundly irritated” into the mix on any given day. Does that sound about right?

Yup, strange days indeed.

However, there is some good news to share, such as receiving so many extraordinary family stories from our recent Call for Stories. And—selecting our cast of exceptional storytellers.

I won’t announce them now.

I know that the next few months…

will let us know how best to proceed with our show(s), and, more importantly, our daily lives.

So, we’ll save the exciting cast reveal for a later date. Makes me feel good to have something to look forward to.

In the meantime…

we are moving ahead with our Every Family’s Got One cast workshops, not in person, of course.

Between loads of laundry, trying to rehydrate my hands and fifth-grade math, a joyous highlight of my day, or week depending on the math lessons, has been focusing on this new collection of family stories and providing thoughtful feedback to our talented EFGO cast members.

These EFGO stories…

are exactly what you expect them to be—fascinating, funny, entertaining and highly relatable. Tony and I can’t wait for you to hear them. Something else to look forward to.


So, let’s keep…

taking mental rests and physical breaks whenever we need it. Keep offering up heartfelt thanks to our medical community and essential workers. Keep up the acts of kindness and good hygiene—and let’s keep in touch.

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Be well and we’ll talk soon.