A Story About the Wild Child

By Every Family's Got One Guest Writer -- Marcia Kester Doyle image by rawpixel There's one in every family: the Wild Child. The one who gives you gray hairs, anxiety weight, and over-sized baggage under the eyes. The one who breaks your heart then turns around and mends it with his unconditional love. The one you stare at while scratching your head and saying, “Are you my child or was I impregnated by an alien during a UFO abduction that I just can't recall?” My youngest son... is our family’s Wild Child. He pulled his very first [...]

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A Story About a Love Affair with Chinese Food

By Every Family's Got One Guest Writer -- Jackie Friedman Image by Rawpixel It all began in the Chinese restaurant in Scarsdale thirty years ago. My son says he still remembers his first experience .... with a wonton. My friend was serving soup to the children from a large steaming bowl of Wonton soup when she put a wonton into his small dish and broke it up with a spoon, releasing aromatic vapors. That was it for Brad, the beginning of a life long love affair.... with Chinese food. The steam wafted from the dish into the atmosphere, [...]

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A Story About the Secret Language of Autism

By Every Family's Got One Guest Writer -- Nicole Garcia Image by Rawpixal I didn’t always see what my son was saying to the world. I had to learn. For months, I lived by trial and error, mostly error, guessing at all of it, trying to get inside of his head. I had to learn that each of his little quirks was blessings and had meaning. I didn’t always see it that way. I had to let go of myself and open my heart for my son to really enter my world. I had to learn it... in [...]

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A Story About a Birthday Party

By Every Family's Got One Guest Writer -- Doreen Oliver   The first time I threw myself a birthday party, my hair caught on fire. I was chatting with a friend in a West Village lounge, unaware burning candles hung centimeters away. With a slight tilt of my head to sip my lemon drop martini, my hair lit up like four out of the five rings at the Sochi Olympics. I’d never been one to throw myself a party. It had always seemed a bit self-indulgent, celebrating yourself when all you did the day you were born was lie [...]

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A Story About Her Son’s Killer Instincts

Every Family's Got One 2018 Cast Video -- Barbara Soloman Josselsohn Photo by ebeth photography Her son’s killer instincts on the tennis court leaves Barbara Solomon Josselsohn questioning whether she really knows him at all.  As a girl... Barbara dares to admit that her favorite show was The Partridge Family. She loved that rockstar David Cassidy and thought she knew everything about him from Tiger Beat Magazine. As a grown woman... Barbara has another rock star in her life, her son, and she thought she knew everything about him too. (But obviously not about the killer instinct!) [...]

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A Story About All Things That Is Family

By Every Family's Got One Guest Writer -- Jennifer Lizza My youngest son is in first grade this year. The other day his teacher told me she had something she wanted to share with me. Immediately I thought, oh boy let’s hope it’s not too embarrassing. He’s a good kid, but he’s six years old so you know how that can go. She went on to tell me... that they had been discussing heroes in class that morning. She decided to go around the room and ask each child who their hero is. Many of the kids named their [...]

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