Every Family’s Got One 2018 Cast Video — Kate Mayer

A Story About Aging Parents

Photo by ebeth photography

Aging Parents — it’s part of the circle of life. And, one that storyteller Kate Mayer has personal experience with. 

Kate shares her touching and hilarious story…

about helplessly watching her aging parents’ struggle with the loss of their “vast fortune” of odds and ends destroyed in a basement flood.

As the oldest (and bossiest) sister of four girls, it’s little wonder that Kate swooped in to try and help her…

aging parents out in a dire situation. 

 Here’s Kate, reading “Saving Bobbleheads from Drowning”…

Kathryn Mayer – Kate – is a potty-mouth writer, humorist, and activist writing out loud with humor and angst about social issues, parenting, midlife, and sadly, gun violence prevention at www.kathrynmayer.com. She is occasionally funny on Instagram & Twitter @kathykatemayer, and plays well with others on Facebook. She’s a reluctant inductee into AARP, mom of four almost grown and flown kids, and an aspiring writer with rejections to prove it. Her blog is a National Society of Newspaper Columnist award winner, received CT Press Club Best Personal Blog, and received BlogHer Voice of the Year honors. Her essays appear on-line, in-print, and most often, on fridges sticky with smiles and swears.