A Story About Confession and Being Catholic

Every Family's Got One 2018 Cast Video -- Barbara Herel Photo by ebeth photography Confession. Going to confession and fessing up to a priest... is there anything more terrifying to a 13-year-old Catholic girl? Just ask Barbara. She'll tell you.  You might be aware that Barbara Herel is a middle child from a loud, boisterous Long Island family. But did you know she also grew up as a nice Catholic girl going to Catechism classes and Sunday folk mass? Yes, the sacred life was good for Barbara. Until this happened to her during... confession. Here’s Barbara to explain [...]

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A Story About “Mr. Nice Guy”

Every Family's Got One 2018 Cast Video -- Tony Mennuto Tony Mennuto took to the stage performing "Mr. Nice Guy" in front of a lively and loving audience at the Cinema Arts Centre in Huntington, New York.  In his family... Tony went by the name ANT. Maybe it was because he was a tiny kid and could lift 100 times his weight.  Or maybe it was just short for Anthony. Now get ready to hear Tony tell us a story... about the other Tony in his family -- his dad. Who is actually called Tony, not ANT. And will be forever affectionately known as [...]

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A Story About Aging Parents

Every Family's Got One 2018 Cast Video -- Kate Mayer Photo by ebeth photography Aging Parents -- it's part of the circle of life. And, one that storyteller Kate Mayer has personal experience with.  Kate shares her touching and hilarious story... about helplessly watching her aging parents’ struggle with the loss of their “vast fortune” of odds and ends destroyed in a basement flood. As the oldest (and bossiest) sister of four girls, it’s little wonder that Kate swooped in to try and help her... aging parents out in a dire situation.   Here’s Kate, reading “Saving Bobbleheads from Drowning”... Kathryn [...]

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A Story About An Active Imagination

Every Family's Got One 2018 Cast Video -- Lance Werth Photo by ebeth photography Lance Werth has an active imagination.  You might even say it's an... overactive imagination.  As a kid playing with his favorite Star Wars toy The Millennium Falcon -- and later on as an improv performer and TV executive -- Lance has had ample opportunity to indulge his imagination on stage and off. Which he has found to be... both a benefit and a heavy burden. Lance shares a most poignant story about his younger brother's suicide. He made us laugh and cry. We clearly see [...]

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A Story About Asian Culture and Fitting In

Every Family's Got One 2018 Cast Video -- Maria Adcock  Photo by ebeth photography Fitting in is important to most people. (Especially when those people are girls in middle school!) Just ask Maria Adcock, the creator of the award-winning Bicultural Mama blog, celebrating the Asian culture. While these days... Maria takes great pride in her Chinese heritage, and great care to pass along that pride to her two young daughters, there was a time when all Maria thought about was... Fitting in. You see, growing up in the Midwest, Maria's family was one of the only Asian families [...]

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A Story About a Deep Bond with Grandpa

Every Family's Got One 2018 Cast Video -- Lisa Leshaw Photo by ebeth photography Can anything compare to the deep bond between grandparent and grandchild? We don't think so!  Speaking from her heart about the deep bond and otherworldly experience she shared with her Grandpa Ben, Lisa enchanted our Every Family's Got One audience with her heartfelt story.  Here’s a fun fact about Lisa... She should have been named Liza after Liza Minnelli. However, the powers that be mistakenly wrote an S on her birth certificate instead of a Z! But actually these days Lisa's favorite name is Grandma. And [...]

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