By Every Family’s Got One Founder — Barbara Herel

family stories

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 The EFGO Podcast is nearly ready to go. (We can’t thank you enough for your patience!) 

It’s truly been a joy working with our EFGO storytellers – comedians from Comedy Central, actors from HBO, New York Times writers, book authors, therapists, lawyers, teachers, etc. – exceptional storytellers, each and every one.

Now, Tony and I have to sit down in our closet, I mean, recording studio, to add our magic to the mix of fantastic stories.   

family stories


Working Hard & Having Fun with the EFGO Podcast 

I tell you, the EFGO community of storytellers and our special brand of family storytelling is flourishing.

So, if you’d like to join us as a storyteller or listener, please sign up for our newsletter, like us on Facebook, and follow us on Instagram.

We’ll be announcing our EFGO Podcast launch, and the next Call for Stories, very soon. In the meantime, check out our awesome original EFGO theme music from Alex Clark.