From EFGO Storytellers Adam Selbst & Dani Alpert!

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A family is like a microcosm of the world. It’s a testing ground; the first place you learn about how to interact with the world at large. Today’s family lessons come from…

family stories

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Adam Selbst!

Adam learned a very big lesson from his mom. How big? As big as a tiger.

And… Dani Alpert!

Dani learns that being a “Girlfriend Mom,” a quasi-parental figure to her boyfriend’s teenagers, isn’t all fun and games. Sometimes it’s highly embarrassing.

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family stories

Adam Selbst is a writer and graphic designer from Williamsburg, Brooklyn. He hosts the monthly Big Irv’s Storytelling Roadshow and has been performing around NYC for the last 8 years. Adam lives in a bodega art collective with 64 other people and in his spare time he enjoys being slowly poisoned by an ancient, weird mold in his shower and throwing elaborate dinner parties. Connect with Adam at

family stories

Dani Alpert is a writer, performer, and film director. She placed second in the 2014 US National Pole Dancing Championships. Photos furnished upon request. Her book, The Girlfriend Mom A Memoir, available wherever you buy books. Connect with Dani on her website: