By EFGO Storytellers Jimmy Palumbo & Elizabeth Heise

Kicking off Season 2 with crimes big and small from two fantastic storytellers…


Jimmy’s dad receives a summons for jury duty and is ready to do his civic duty should he be selected. Unfortunately, it isn’t long before he finds himself on the wrong side of the law. Check out Jimmy’s hilarious true-crime family story “Jury Duty.”

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All little Elizabeth wants is what her friends get – Candy. Lots and lots of candy. A kid is bound to get into trouble when her mom’s version of “candy” is a halva bar. Listen to Elizabeth’s cautionary criminal tale called “Free Candy.”   


Listen to any of our Season 2 episodes for details how to enter and win a delicious Sweet & Salty Nut Box. (It’s easy!) We’ll announce our winner in the final episode of Season 2.  


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family stories

With over 105 TV and film credits, Jimmy Palumbo was recently seen in the film “The Family” with Robert DeNiro, and Michelle Pfeiffer.  Other credits include the upcoming Michael Che show, Taken 3, Collateral Beauty, and more. (Much more.) Jimmy is also launching two new podcasts – The Jimmy Palumbo Show and The Rick and Jimmy Show. Connect with Jimmy on his site and on Twitter.   

family stories

Elizabeth Heise is a lawyer turned writer and mother of three children, living in sweltering Miami. Stay tuned for the release of her first book entitled SCRAPPY, a coming of age true story that is being shopped around to agents now. Elizabeth also shares stories of inspiration and self-discovery each week to subscribers at and mini stories each day on Instagram @elizabethheise1.