A Story About a Guilty Pleasure

By Every Family's Got One Guest Writer -- Kathy Radigan   I have a guilty pleasure that I don’t often confess to: I love reading romance novels. My favorites are by Danielle Steel. They’re extra heavy on the fluff, but some days I need an escape. Nothing does it... like losing myself in one of Ms. Steel’s books. They’re an effortless read, and I can polish one off in about an hour if I get that much time to myself as a busy mom to three. If not, they can take me about a day to read between juggling kids, house, and work.  [...]

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A Story About an Inner Princess

By Every Family's Got One Guest Writer -- Kathy Radigan When I was seven years old, I saw the Disney version of Cinderella, and the inner princess in me was born. I loved the sewing, singing mice, and the fairy godmother who turns rags into a beautiful gown and a pumpkin into a coach pulled by six white horses. And I couldn’t resist when Cinderella met her handsome prince and lived happily ever after. But I wasn’t raised believing... that I needed a man to rescue me. My parents taught my sisters and me that we could be anything we [...]

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A Story About a Friend Named Carol

By Every Family's Got One Guest Writer-- Kathy Radigan In my time on this planet, I have had the good fortune to meet some amazing people and make a lot of good friends. Some have lasted beyond time and circumstance, while others have ended naturally after school, or a move or job change. A few ended painfully. But there is one friend... whose effect on me was so profound that I still think of her often. Carol and I were in the same afternoon kindergarten class. She was my ideal of what a girl should look and be like. Her [...]

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A Story About the Sex Shop in the City

Every Family's Got One 2018 Cast Video -- Kathy Radigan Photo by ebeth photography Would you ever take your mom to a sex shop? Kathy Radigan did. (By accident, of course!) The sex shop.... is a vivid memory that is forever seared into Kathy Radigan's brain.  Another memory is the time she was 11 and got a puppy Christmas morning!  But honestly... Kathy still can't believe the day she and her Mom took a Sex in the City bus tour, which accidentally explored some unexpected pleasures of the Big Apple. Here’s Kathy to tell all in...  "Sex, the [...]

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A Story About Gratitude

By Every Family's Got One Founder -- Barbara Herel Photo by ebeth photography We are filled with gratitude! From casting to opening night, and everything in-between, Kathy and I couldn’t have dreamed up a better storytelling evening for all. And believe us, we were dreaming BIG. Our Cast… Was splendid in every way possible. Right from the very first rehearsal, which actually felt more like a well-honed writer’s workshop, you could feel the bond between castmates. (Our brains are still going through the glorious details of each performance, and our hearts… well, our hearts haven’t stopped overflowing with [...]

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A Story About a 1970’s Childhood

By Every Family's Got One Guest Writer -- Kathy Radigan As much as I enjoy and appreciate my life as a full-fledged grown-up, complete with a mortgage, a husband, and three children, I sometimes find myself longing for the simpler days of my 1970’s childhood. Things like: Laughing so hard that milk shoots out of my nose. Sometimes I could achieve this state of hysteria with just my two sisters, but usually, it only happened when we were with our male cousins. Believing that money really does grow on trees. My parents tried to convince us that it didn’t, but [...]

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