Happenings of 2021

I'm glancing through my daily planner and my gratitude journal to remind me of all the happenings of 2021, and I thought I'd share a few highlights. (No doubt you'll be able to tell if it came from my planner or journal, Family.) Buster keeping an eye on new pup Piper Okay here are some Happenings of 2021... Pick up PUPPY from Last Hope Animal Shelter! I am grateful for all the caring people in the world who help animals. I am grateful to know the cats are pissed about the pup yet somehow all will be [...]

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We’re a BEST Storytelling Podcast!

Hi Family, it's been awhile and I'm excited to fill you in on our "Best Storytelling Podcast" status and other EFGO's goings-on. First off... Do you like our spanking-new look? I'm loving it, I must say. Many thanks to Michael Chow Media and the wonderful Michael Chow himself for the painless and speedy updates. Please stay and take a look around, especially the Submissions section. Next... I was recently informed by Feedspot's founder that EFGO is a BEST Storytelling Podcast! Now, it really shouldn’t surprise me, since Tony Mennuto and I always knew we featured the most amazing [...]

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Sign up for an EFGO Storytelling Mentorship

Read all about my EFGO Storytelling Mentorship!  "Barbara, thanks for your kind, generous and thoughtful collaboration. You helped make my story a lot better! I love being part of the EFGO community and you are tremendously appreciated."                                 ~ Emerson Dameron, Los Angeles, copywriter, storyteller What I love most about producing and hosting the Every Family’s Got One Podcast and Live Show is collaborating with talented people and building a supportive storytelling community. I’ve worked with writers and performers of all kinds, as well as non-performers, [...]

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By Every Family's Got One Founder - Barbara Herel   That’s right EFGO Live Shows return in 2022 – in NYC and on Long Island. You can be sure I’ll keep you posted as all the little details for our big plans take shape. So now... is a great time to begin writing your true family story, and I’m going to take my own advice. It’s probably because I’ve been spending more time with my parents, Betty and Ron, over the last year that so many of my childhood memories have been resurfacing. Gems like…   -Root beer floats [...]

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Did you become a Parent after 40?

From Every Family's Got One Founder -- Barbara Herel Published by Dottir Press, book launches September 2021   Did you become a parent after 40? I did and wrote an essay about it for a new book anthology called Tick-Tock: Becoming a Parent after 40. I’m happy to be included with incredible writers who offer-up their personal experiences of being or having an older parent. Contributors include New York Times best-selling author Elizabeth Acevedo, award-winning author Adam Berlin, writer/editor Salma Abdelnour Gilman, and more. We all need a cheering section No matter what we're trying  to accomplish, [...]

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EFGO Podcast S2: Finale “Marriage Stories!”

By EFGO Storytellers Rowan Shifrin & Gina Sampaio https://open.spotify.com/episode/3KfD7lJm2jZ0tS7jQWVwO8?si=cWQOnN5CSv6mytKNjDSE2A Listen to S2: Finale! As we all know family stories aren’t all rainbows and bath bombs as you’ll hear in our final episode of Season 2 – Marriage Stories.  Our first Marriage story is from… Image by Rawpixel.com CHEF & ENTREPRENEUR... ROWAN SHIFRIN   Rowan shares his story “Normal.” It’s about family disfunction and his mom’s lifelong search to find him a father figure.   STORYTELLER… GINA SAMPAIO  Gina has always admired the strength of her grandmother as you’ll hear in her often-told family story “Watch Me.”  AND WE ANNOUNCE [...]

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