A Story About Having the Sex Talk

By Every Family's Got One Founder -- Barbara Herel Photo by Rawpixel Oh, the sex talk... I started talking to my daughter about S-E-X when she was young – one-year-old young. It went like something like this. Every time I saw... a pregnant woman, I would say, “Oh look! That woman has a baby growing in her belly. Isn’t that interesting? Babies grow in a woman’s belly.” I’m a fan of using anatomically correct words. Besides loving... the downright disgusted reactions of the older generation whenever my two-year-old daughter said “vagina,” I wanted to make certain there [...]

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A Story About Betty’s Superpower

By Every Family's Got One Founder -- Barbara Herel My mom, Betty, is five-foot-one and is armed with a superpower: the ability to make any situation – no matter how strange or overwhelming – Better. Like the time my 9-year-old niece was summoning spirits with the Ouji board. “Are there any spirits who want to speak to us?” my niece asked. Then the mystical indicator... began spelling out the names of her dead dogs (all on its own mind you). My niece burst into tears. I didn’t know what to say, but apparently, my mom did – “Isn’t it wonderful that [...]

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The Day I Visited a Sex Shop With My 70-Year-Old Mother

By Every Family's Got One Guest Writer -- Kathy Radigan “So who has had sex today?” the pretty — and a little-too-perky for 10:00 am  — tour guide asks. “And sex with yourself doesn’t count.” Perhaps a “Sex and the City” bus tour of NYC wasn’t such a great idea for a bonding experience with my 70-year-old mother. A few weeks earlier, I was given the opportunity to review a company that provided Experience Gifts, and it seemed like the perfect thing to do with my mom. But now that we were actually on the bus, I had to question [...]

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