EFGO Podcast S2:E3 “Back in the Day!”

By EFGO Storytellers Marc Abbott & Mary Shea   https://open.spotify.com/episode/2zb1Suo6b5HjixQXazqucG?si=p-MIlbIjSge4m1iiK_htaw Listen to S2:E3 Join us as we travel back to the days of first loves and best friends. With stories from…  Image by Rawpixel.com STORYTELLER… MARC ABBOTT Braces, awkward growth spurts, and falling in love for the very first time – Oh middle school! Marc shares all of this and more in his funny, touching story “Dad’s Help.”   And… STORYTELLER MARY SHEA Mary and her best friend Sue are like Lucy and Ethel, always up to something and stick by each other no matter what. I [...]

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EFGO Podcast S2/E1: Crimes & Misdemeanors!

By EFGO Storytellers Jimmy Palumbo & Elizabeth Heise https://open.spotify.com/episode/0qym85BwOGWDLrzQmKeqpk?si=FVbYL2aTTAyUnNVSwRZNZQ Kicking off Season 2 with crimes big and small from two fantastic storytellers... ACTOR… JIMMY PALUMBO Jimmy’s dad receives a summons for jury duty and is ready to do his civic duty should he be selected. Unfortunately, it isn’t long before he finds himself on the wrong side of the law. Check out Jimmy’s hilarious true-crime family story “Jury Duty.” Image by rawpixel.com And… WRITER, ELIZABETH HEISE  All little Elizabeth wants is what her friends get – Candy. Lots and lots of candy. A kid is bound to [...]

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EFGO Podcast Epi #5: Embarrassing Moments!

By Every Family's Got One Producers -- Barbara Herel & Tony Mennuto https://open.spotify.com/episode/3aC448FxjQIRj3CbnJd1Uc?si=dLJO9ZfCQ1iCRyDBN62eyQ LISTEN TO EPISODE #5 Embarrassing moments! Egads! (Do tell!)  BARBARA HEREL! I'm a middle child so I have many embarrassing moments. This particular one is about the time I went to confession and it didn't go as planned. Far from it.  AND… TONY MENNUTO! Tony tells us about the time he and his gregarious parents went to a Mexican Restaurant and his typically mild-mannered dad had one too many cocktails.  Image by Rawpixel WE ANNOUNCE OUR MEAT & CHEESE WINNER! Since it's the last [...]

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BY EFGO STORYTELLERS LANCE WERTH & DAVE HU! https://open.spotify.com/episode/0xG6hg4QB0vA3slAC4f0X8?si=HUP8BrnsQSiUwmv7C27q3w LISTEN TO EPISODE #4 Oh, those dads! (They screw up the children as much as the moms do.) Check out these awesome stoic-dad stories from… Image by Rawpixel LANCE WERTH! Young Lance spends time with his father and is awakened to a fundamental truth about himself – and his dad. And… DAVE HU! Dave shares that as a kid his interactions with his dad felt formal, more like they were polite strangers on a bus. It was only until later in life when Dave’s relationship with his father lightens [...]

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From EFGO Storytellers Leslie Ruster & Linda Kuriloff Click on the link above or listen to wherever you get your podcasts. Image by Rawpixel Listen to family stories by Leslie Ruster... Doesn’t everyone have a story about their perverted (but not in a sexual-predator-type-of-way) father? Well, Leslie sure does and it is fascinating and funny. Here’s Leslie with her story “The Family Jewels.”  And Linda Kuriloff! Who remembers having to go to some after-school program or lesson that there was just no getting out of? Linda delights us with her killer performance of “Show & Tell” from one [...]

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A Story About the Feast of San Gennaro

By Every Family's Got One Guest Poet -- Marie A. Mennuto-Rovell Image by rawpixel (Mac Arthur Avenue 1953) The front door of my grandparent's house opened directly into the festivities...   Cotton candy cones... licked clean, littered  our street this late summer week-end.   Endless streams... of immigrants and their offspring meandered up and down our block all day and into the evening.   My grandpa Giuseppe... volunteered to help carry the life-size statue of the patron saint of Naples in the procession preceeding the celebration.  I remember... how the bees hovered around the torrone nougat candy concession, right [...]

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